The Perfect DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

November 16, 2016

I may not be winning any favors with the beauty industry by making my own products and posting how-to’s but some things are just too simple (and cheap) to make yourself.  Every winter I can not seem to get ahead of chapped lips in this dry Alberta weather.  I try to be proactive; I drink lots of water, wear lip balm, and moisturize but it’s still a fight.  However, one thing that definitely helps is a good lip exfoliation.

I have made several different versions of lip scrubs and I keep going back to this one.  I first sampled this in a popular beauty product store that shall remain unnamed.  My first thought, I love this!  My second thought, 10 bucks!  Nope, I can make this at home.

I was really surprised just how much I liked the scrub.  It isn’t too oily so that I can apply lipstick immediately after scrubbing if I’m heading out the door and it leaves my lips looking and feeling amazing.  Bonus: Using just three all-natural ingredients I can feel good allowing my daughter to use this on her lips now that she’s in the “I-do-everything-Mommy-does” stage.  Not that she needs to, since the day she was born I have been incredibly envious of her perfectly beautiful lips!  Seriously, stunning!

The Great Debate: Olive oil vs Coconut oil
Many diy lip scrubs call for coconut oil but personally I prefer using olive oil; it leaves the scrub “lighter” and not too wet.  I have made this again and again with different measurements of each ingredient to get it just right…for me.  Play around with it if you like it more moist, or not.

dscn1490The Perfect DIY Lip Sugar Scrub

The Perfect DIY Sugar Lip Scrub


Essential oil scrubs

2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp olive oil
2-4 drops essential oil (I use lemon, peppermint or lavender)

Cinnamon scrub

2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 tsp cinnamon
*Another bonus: cinnamon is a natural lip plumper

What to do

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix together.

Apply in small amounts to your lips and gently massage.

Wipe off with a damp cloth.

Smack those sugar lips!

The Perfect DIY Lip Sugar Scrub The Perfect DIY Lip Sugar Scrub

By Three Happy Folk


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