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Caprese Salad on Multigrain Crackers with Balsamic Vinegar Drizzle

January 20, 2015

Caprese salad on mulitgrain crackers with balsamic vinegar drizzle

This is one of my go-to appetizers when I’m just not in the mood to work hard to feed guests haha.  A quick and easy snack to throw together in no time.  I never get tired of this light nibbler.

Ingredients: Yield 2 servings

8 Multigrain crackers
8 Fresh Basil leaves
4-6 Cherry tomatoes, sliced approx. ½ inch thickness
8 Boccocini medallions
1-2 Tsp Balsamic vinegar

Arrange the crackers on a platter.  Top with basil, boccocini and tomatoes.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.  Enjoy!

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