I Think My Hair Has Hypothermia…

January 7, 2015

We’re well into our annual deep freeze here in Alberta.  Remind me again why I live here?  It’s not for the frostbite so it must be love.

♪ She's as cold as ice ♪

♪ She’s as cold as ice ♪

I have been bundled up all week trying to keep warm the best way I know how…SCARVES!  I am obsessed with scarves and in this case size does matter; the bigger, bulkier, chunkier the better!  I don’t even know how many scarves I have but it’s still not enough, which brings me to my latest project.

Because I am not the greatest seamstress and not nearly patient enough to become one I followed no rules and sewed this scarf my way.  I found a sweater dress at Value Village for $6 that looked like it had never been worn.  I liked the striped pattern so like many pieces of fabric I come home with, it was either going to be converted into a throw pillow or a scarf.  Clearly I chose scarf.

Before.... a frumpy sweater dress

Before…. a frumpy sweater dress

I wanted to keep as much fabric as I could of the dress so I only cut off the sleeves and collar then trimmed a little here and there to even it out into one long rectangle open on each end for the purpose of creating an infinity scarf.

I neatened up the ends by sewing a hem and trimmed my loose threads.  And that was it.  It fits great, feels great, looks great; I think it will serve its purpose.

After... an "upcycled" cozy scarf :)

After… an “upcycled” cozy scarf

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