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Naturally Sweetened Oolong Iced Tea

June 22, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE tea.  Hot, cold, 3 days old, I drink a shit ton of tea!  Ginger is my all time favorite, earl gray coming in at a close second and various peppermint versions at third place.  I even make my own homemade honey and cinnamon tea that I swear cures everything but the plague.  However in the summer months, I find I drink a lot less tea and as a result, my overall gut health feels different.

I have never been a fan of sugar filled iced teas but have always loved the old school version of sweet tea.  A friend introduced me to Oolong tea years ago while living in Fort McMurray and I have never looked back.  And although I am really good and getting my eight glasses of water in a day, sometimes I just want something tastier to sip on without too many extra calories.  With the health benefits it offers, oolong iced tea was a no brainer.

Tea, in general, is great for stress management and rich in antioxidants.  Oolong tea specifically is widely known for aiding in weight management, working its magic to prevent cancers from forming in the body, reducing inflammation, and the list goes on and on.  What’s not to love!

Other than allowing the brewed tea some time to cool, this drink was super quick and easy to make.  I kept a pitcher in the fridge for a few days and sipped away.  The caffeine content is on the higher end so keep that in mind before you offer it to your kiddos or gulp a bunch before bed.

Enjoy folks!

* Word from the wise: if you want stronger tea, brew more tea not a longer length of time 🙂  

Naturally Sweetened Oolong Iced Tea 


12 cups water
8 oolong tea bags
4 tbsp honey
juice of 1 large lemon


In a large pot, bring water to a boil and add tea bags.  Remove from heat and steep 4-5 minutes.

Allow tea to cool.

Once cooled pour into a pitcher and add honey and lemon juice; stir well.

Add ice and lemon garnish if desired and serve.


By Three Happy Folk


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