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Operation Gift Giving

November 18, 2015

I know we just went over this in the post all about giving at Christmas last week, but it really is so important to me to help others.  I often don’t like to watch the evening news, it makes me anxious and all I can think while trying to fall asleep is how the world is going to shit.  But tonight I caught a few minutes of tonight’s broadcast where they showed food banks in Alberta stocking up and stated that the need for food banks in Alberta has gone up 23% this year…what does that mean?  Well it went on to report that the need for food banks in the rest of Canada have gone up 1% this year.  That is just overwhelming to me.  As someone who worked for years with the populations that access these services it makes me sick to think of all the hungry little empty bellies going to bed tonight. But then again, we can’t do it all, so let’s do what we can.

This year my daughter’s preschool is participating in Operation Christmas Child where we fill a shoe box with toys, school supplies and lots more and it is then sent to children in areas of the world that are affected by disaster, war or poverty.  It’s a great way to help others that can include the whole family and can initiate conversation with your child about how not all children are as lucky to have all the luxury’s that we have.  At three years old my little one can’t quite grasp that there are other children out there who have to go without, but she is enjoying picking out items to go in the box and is excited about the idea of giving to others; it’s a great start!

So proud of my girl filling a box fo ra little girl in need

So proud of my girl filling a box for a little girl in need

If you are interested in sending along a shoebox of your own check out the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief website for more information and fill up an old shoe box to for a child in need.  I love imagining the look on their little faces when they open a box full of new things!

A box of goodies for a special little girl somewhere

A box of goodies for a special little girl somewhere

Remember, if this specific charity doesn’t tickle your fancy find one that does and give it some attention.  Do it.  Do it do it. (In my best Starsky voice).

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