The Dresser That Wouldn’t Leave

April 4, 2015

In an attempt to redecorate my living room (which is happening slower than I’d prefer) I purchased a used dresser to use as a TV console.  Long story short I decided it wasn’t what I was looking for after all so I decided to sell it. 

The dresser before....

The dresser before….

It was pretty plain to begin with so I chose a bold blue paint (Behr Marquee Starless Night) for the dresser itself and a bright yellow spray paint for the hardware to jazz it up.  I also painted the sides of the drawers a bright yellow (Behr Squash Blossom) for some extra pizazz.  I thought it looked great!

The dresser after...the first attempt.

The dresser after…the first attempt.

image2 (1)

Unfortunately no one else shared my enthusiasm and it sat on Kijiji for months with no bites.  It was driving my boyfriend crazy that it was still in the way in our garage so I decided to start over and paint it a more neutral color that might appeal to more buyers.  So I covered the blue paint with a pretty gray (Behr Zepplin) and left the hardware and drawers yellow.  And low and behold the emails came flooding in!   My prospective buyer should be here any minute to fork over some cash for this thorn in my side!

The dresser after a lot of headache. Good riddance!

The dresser after a lot of headache. Good riddance!

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