Get Wreath It

December 10, 2014


Well by now it’s no secret as to how much I love Christmas so it should come as no surprise how much I love decorating my house for the season.

When I hauled out my decorations this year I had a few oldies that were just not going to make the cut.  Because I can’t get rid of a Christmas decoration, even a damaged one (I blame my mother really) I threw in very little effort and made an old wreath a new favorite.

To begin I pulled off the damaged ornaments.  Luckily the pine cones were still in good condition so I left them on.  I purchased some fake flowers from Michaels for a few dollars and some gold balls from Dollarama and got to work with my glue gun.  The entire project only took a few minutes and a few dollars.  Now this festive re-do fits right in.  I do love an easy diy.


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  • Reply akosirima December 10, 2014 at 11:28 am

    This made me remember an episode in Supernatural 🙂 Cool decor Red and Gold do look regal for some reason 🙂

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