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Alberta Christmas Bucket List

December 4, 2014

Finally!  The Christmas season is here again.  I love it!

The decorations, the music, the FOOD, even the shopping; I love it all.  The only thing is I live on the opposite side of the country from all of my family (except for one amazing cousin who I am lucky enough to also have as my best friend) so holidays can become a little lonesome.  However I am very fortunate to be able to spend my summers back home on the east coast, so flying home for Christmas is the sacrifice.

One saving grace however is now we have our daughter who gives Christmas new significance.  Now that she’s 2 years old she can participate in a lot of the Christmas shenanigans with us.  Hence I’ve created a list of things that we can do over the holidays to keep us busy and to keep us from missing everyone too much.  I realize these buckets lists are a dime a dozen, but times flies and before you know it Christmas will be behind us and while we’re shut in for the rest of the long cold Canadian winter I’ll be wishing I took more events in while I had the chance.  Some of these are specific events to where we live but I encourage you to find similar things going on in your own town and get out there and celebrate!  I love Christmas!

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